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Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm PST
defense. the jobs on the chopping block in california. >>> a woman who was missing for six days was found last night. paula lane is hospitalized tonight. her boyfriend did not survive. live in nevada where the family is keeping watch tonight. how is she doing? >> reporter: she is recovering tonight here at the medical center where we learned what she ate, what she drank, how she sheltered herself from the snow but her sister says she is alive thanks to one family member who would not stop searching for her. >> last night gave her the biggest kiss. >> reporter: paula lane's sister learned she was alive from her brother who went to search for her last night twice. >> he had this feeling. i don't know how to tell you. we can't stop him. we just knew -- let him do what he felt he had to do and god help him, he did the right thing. to hear him say i found her, i found her. i can't explain it for you guys. >> reporter: her brother found her long burns side road where they were trapped in the snow last thursday. her family says her boyfriend left the vehicle for help. and she left for hospital.
Dec 7, 2012 5:00pm PST
when it was turned off defense i havely, now it is lit just once a year to honor those who were lost. >> that a-attack left more than 24 hundred people dead. the japanese sank or damaged 21 american ships and 188 aircrafts. that prompted the united states to declare war on japan. it was called a day which will live in em frommy. >> the national autobody counsel honored two veterans by giving them refurbished cars. >> they went to a marine and a navy soldier. they both served in afghanistan. >> and o on maf of other service members rg we appreciate the support and care. >> the group chose the anniversary of the attacks to honor the vets with the recycled rides program hillary clinton said that they are working on political transition. >> the united states stands with the sir yan people in sh syrian people in insisting that there be a unified democratic syria. >> that comes after she met with the russian prime minister. they still disagree on whether the president will have to leave the country as part of any transition, the u.s. wants him out, the russians do not. . >> a chil
Dec 2, 2012 5:00pm PST
yards. >> be smart with the ball. i mean, our defense played a great game. i -- i gave up those points on the scoreboard for the rams. that is 100% my fault. >> it would be easy to start ripping the raiders here but they are not as bad as their record indicates. today oakland was a flood zone after 13 straight sell outside, today's game blacked out on tv. browns moving the ball till the raiders safety intercepts the throw. he takes it back to the 27. the raiders can't convert. raiders had two picks today but the rookie quarterback threw for a career high 364 yards and hits gourden for the 44-yard touchdown. cleveland 10-0. raiders fans thought here we go again but just 10-3 at halftime. raiders get good field position. big play. 64 yards. 13-10. heading into the 4th quarter. palmer threw for big yards. two touchdowns and one interception. brown picks this one. palmer through for 54 times. ran 17 times. cleveland drives 94 yards to put it away. richardson rushing in. browns win 20-17. cleveland snaps its 17 game road losing streak. raiders lose 5 straight games. first time since 2007. o
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
to the defense to be generated by the police at this point. we don't even have most of what we'll need in order to do that. >> the victim's family and friends were in court but decline today comment. attorneys say this will be a long road ahead, the first of many joint appearances for willbanks and mull droe. >> you should expect to see them together until potentially trial. they might be separated at the time of trial if the evidence dictates that. preferably we'd prefer to try them together just from an economical standpoint. >> they say better to seat just one jury and not make the victim's family suffer more than necessary. >> there are sometimes when twoef try defendants separately, but if we can avoid it, we always do. >> the case was continued until january 16th when the men will have another opportunity to enter a plea. live in san jose, ann ruben, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the word lunatic is on its way out of federal law. mental health groups lobbied congress to remove that word from u.s. code. they say lunatic is offensive and outdated. now, the house is ready to send a bill that remo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4